Monday, March 11, 2013

My Blank Canvas

I never realized how stressful living in a small apartment with two toddlers above day sleepers could be. I think the most common phrase that came out of my mouth was, "stop running, jumping, skipping, etc.. in the house." It was becoming my mantra...stop this, stop that... It was extremely stressful.

Then we needed to move. More stress. Great. But now that we are moved in and done with the apartment, I feel more like myself. I feel like I can breathe. I stop myself from telling my girls to stop running. They ask me all the time, "we can run and jump and skip here, right mommy?" I smile and tell them that they can.

I can feel some of my stress slowly melt away. More space to move around and no downstairs neighbors can do that to you.

I can feel my creativity being restarted. Where in the apartment, I didn't want to do anything to make it more homey, in our house I can't wait to get started making this into a home that reflects our style. I'm not looking for a magazine spread styled house, just nice, organized, and peaceful. I'm excited about looking at paint swatches, Ikea catalogs (love!), Pinterest, and decorating blogs for inspiration. I've even been looking at Craigslist for furniture I can refinish or repurpose. I'm not a garage sale person, but I actually want to go look at garage sales! Who am I? :) I need to start a binder to put my ideas in so I can take it with me. Pinterest is great and while I have it on my phone, I still like having the pictures and swatches and everything at my fingertips that I can touch and feel.

Now to decide on what room to tackle first. I want it be a small project that it's going to be expensive or take forever. I want to ease into this slowly and gain momentum. I know if I rush at everything I want to do, I will end up with uncompleted projects and an unsatisfying end result.

Hmmm... Maybe the laundry room or downstairs bath? I'm definitely not ready to tackle painting the downstairs. This house is big!

So wish me luck! I have a lot to do and a limited budget. I can't wait to get started, but first, I have to finish unpacking some boxes :)

Maybe I'll go to Lowe's and grab some paint swatches.