Monday, February 25, 2013

Out of the Apartment and into a House

Our family has been searching for a larger house to rent. Our two bedroom apartment is just too small for our growing family. When we moved into our apartment, we were looking at it as a way to save money while my husband is in training for his job.
Well, we've been looking for a larger home for the past month or more and have looked all over the area. I was very discouraged by what we were being shown. Houses that are dirty and falling apart seemed to be all that were in our price range. I thought our price range was good. I figured we could find an awesome house for what our budget was. I was wrong. Even houses in nice neighborhoods were awful on the inside.

It was then that we really started asking questions. I mean, the houses were dirty. They had obviously had not been cleaned when the previous tenant moved out nor had they been cleaned prior to showing. Most of the ads said things like "well maintained", "move-in ready", etc... I was starting to think our standards were too high. Then we learned that Texas housing laws are very different from the state we just left. In Arizona, the house and the carpets had to be professionally cleaned between tenants. If you wanted to get your deposit back you had to clean everything according to their move-out cleaning list. If it wasn't cleaned like the list said then they deducted any cost associated with cleaning the place from your deposit. I thought that was what the deposit was for. I guess it doesn't work that way in Texas. It was quite the rude awakening.

We have found a house, which is a relief. It is well-maintained and clean. Maybe not as clean as I would have cleaned it myself, but at least I feel comfortable moving in before I do a major cleaning. Our landlord has even given us the option of painting the place, which is nice because it really does need to be painted. I'm very happy with our new house and I'm very happy to finally be able to say good bye to our little apartment. Now to just haul all our stuff down these second floor apartment stairs and across town. That's the part I'm not looking forward to :)