Friday, January 11, 2013

The Hunger Games - My Favorite Book Right Now

I'm an avid reader. I LOVE to read. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't. Some of my earliest and fondest memories as a child involve reading. I remember reading to my dad from a book called The Little White House when I was five. I would sit on a stool in his hobby room and read while he built model airplanes.

I remember wanting to be Anne of Green Gables, or Sue Barton, Nurse (I can see people saying "who is that?" LOL). I love the romantic world of Jane Austin and couldn't wait for my own Mr. Darcy to come along. As a shy teenager, books became my friends. They took me places I never dreamed of going. Romance, adventure, mystery, I loved them all.

I fought getting a Nook or Kindle for the longest time because I loved the feel of the pages and sound of an opening book. New books smell so good too :) My husband got me one a couple of Christmases ago. I love the convenience of electronic books, but I miss real books. In today's electronic laden society, I fear that my girls won't have the same love for books that I have. I'm trying, but when all you hear is "I want to watch Dora and Diego", it can get a little discouraging. (Just to clarify, I'm not against Dora or Diego)

It's funny, my husband loves to read as well, but we don't normally read the same types of books. He's more of a Tom Clancy type of guy. Well, I think I've got him hooked on The Hunger Games series. I didn't think he'd read it. Our mistake was watching the movie first. I did not get it. I felt terrible after I watched the movie. I mean, really, a movie about kids killing each other for sport? It was Survivor gone bad. It disturbed me so much that I didn't sleep that night. I just kept thinking about it. I kept asking myself questions. Why do people think this is such a good movie or that the books are so great? I put it on my Facebook page how much it disturbed me and was told to read the books. I had been trying to check them out from the library, but they were never there and it would be months before I could get them. I didn't want to buy them since I thought they were geared toward teenagers and I wasn't sure if I would like them. Finally, I decided to just do it. I bought the first book.

Well, I did like them. I was hooked. I couldn't put it down. Once I was done with the first, I bought the second and the third as well. I read them thru and then thru again. I finally got why they are so popular. I finally got what they were trying to say. Then I bought the movie and watched it again. I could tell that my husband wasn't too happy I bought the movie. He really didn't like it at all. I could tell he was thinking I was getting obsessed or something. I watched it and then I watched the commentary. Watching the commentary was like turning on a light bulb. It finally made sense. Why the story is so disturbing. Why they filmed the movie the way they did.

I really wanted to discuss this book with someone, but I didn't know anyone who had read them that was close that I could have a conversation with about it. Besides, I felt a little silly. I mean, they are supposed to be for teens and I'm much older than that. So, I told my husband to read them. He was reading something else and said he'd do it later. I really didn't think he'd ever read it.

I was working late one evening and came home to find him watching the movie. I was shocked! My husband, who I felt hated that movie, was watching The Hunger Games! He said he was reading it and wanted to watch the movie again to see how accurate it was or something. I was so shocked I really can't remember what he said.

So far, he's finished the first and is halfway thru the second. This is big because my husband is the world's slowest reader ever. Not that he can't read fast, he just doesn't rush thru books like I do. I often rush thru a book so I know what happens and then re-read it slowly so I get all the details I missed. Weird, I know, but with electronic books you really can't skip around :) Such a bummer.

Anyway, I know I'm a little late jumping on the I Like The Hunger Games bandwagon, but I glad I can finally talk about the books with my husband and he knows what I'm talking about. It's so hard to not reveal too much though. I don't want to give anything away.

All that said, I cannot wait until November of this year. Anybody out there going to wait in line for the first showing of Catching Fire when it comes out? I don't know if I'll be first in line or anything, but I'll definitely be going to see it.

Happy Reading!

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