Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog Look and Oganization Sympathy

I just started this blog and I'm trying to think of what I want it to look like. I can easily visualize what I want, but making that a reality is often not within my capabilities. I know that the easiest route would be to hire someone to do this, but I just don't have that in the budget right now. So, over the next few weeks there will be some changes to the look of this blog. I'm working on adding pictures and a custom heading and all sorts of things. I'm sure this will always be a work in progress, but so is life and change can be a good thing, right?

Well, on to other things...

One of my new years resolutions is to organize my home. Currently we are living in a very small 2 bedroom apartment. Moving from a 4 bedroom house with a garage to a 2 bedroom apartment has been a big adjustment and I'm still adjusting. I really didn't think we had that much stuff until we tried to cram it into a place that is less than half the size of where we were before. The loss of a garage has been the biggest problem. My husband likes to make things and has a lot of tools for woodworking. Before we moved, he sold many of his tools to thin things out. So, while we did get rid of a lot of our stuff that we didn't need before we moved across country we still had too much stuff.

When we first moved in I organized and stacked and put things away that I didn't need, but I wasn't really thinking of the future when I would need that box of craft supplies that I put on the bottom of the stack of boxes in the back of my closet. So what I thought was a neatly organized closet is now a big jumbled up mess of stuff that doesn't have a place and is in my way. What can I do? I almost don't want to tackle it because it gives me a headache just thinking about it. I cannot ignore it though. If I let it go, it will just get worse and I don't think I want to deal with worse.

Want to see my mess? Sure you do because when your hubby complains that the house is a mess all you have to do is show him this picture and say, "well at least it's not as bad as this". See, I'm helping you. You should thank me. LOL

Here it is.

We will call this the "before" picture. Bet you're wondering where the
"after" picture is? There is no "after" yet. I'm still working on it, but I will post some as soon as I get this project done. You can pity me now that you have see the work that I have ahead of me :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Bonnie :)

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